The National Ocean Policy Coalition

Chairman Sullivan and majority witnesses highlighted the negative impacts and risks involved with the NOP, including the mandatory and regulatory nature of it, increased bureaucracy (highlighted in part through a visual poster chart on display in the hearing room), broad scope in terms of impacted industries and geographic areas (including inland areas), increased uncertainty, new regulatory burdens and overlays (including Regional Planning Body efforts to identify special areas), and conflicts with existing statutes….
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MSC Called to Parliament to Answer Questions About its PNA Tuna Recertification


The MSC was called to a parliamentary meeting with the UK Fisheries minister and nine Members of Parliament who are supporting the UK ‘On the Hook’ Campaign which has opened up a significant challenge to the MSC’s certification of sustainable tuna. The On the Hook Group was started by celebrity British Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who led the hugely popular ‘fish fight’ campaign….
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Call for Pacific to speak up on threat to fishing grounds

Fiji’s fisheries minister Semi Koroilavesau says Pacific tuna is under threat from the world’s largest fishing nations including China, Japan and South Korea. He is critical of what he said was the inaction of the Western and Central Pacific Fishing Commission in controlling overfishing in the high seas and the low catches within regional fisheries zones….
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A Pacific dilemma – How to fish the world’s biggest ocean when tuna are scarce


Different approaches towards managing a heavily depleted fish stock have emerged between two Pacific nations. In the past decade southern albacore numbers have dropped significantly making profitability very difficult, especially for Pacific-owned boats that do not receive fuel subsidies available to many foreign vessels. At the 14th annual meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) currently being held in Manila, Philippines….
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The Tuna Revolution: Time To Get On Board

When I was a kid, way back in the rosy-hued halcyon days of post-war middle-class America, canned tuna was a miraculous staple of every kitchen pantry. Tuna-fish sandwiches, as they were called, were a mayonnaise-drenched white-bread-encased mainstay of the lunch-box… It never occurred to anyone, really, to question where the tuna came from, or how it was caught, or what was in it. Fast forward fifty years, and all that has changed, and definitely for the better….
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US Canada Albacore Treaty


The current occupant of the White House was swept into office as part of a nationalist wave that included the now famous slogan “Make America Great Again.” So you might think that the Trump Administration would be eager to root out and dispose of treaties that it believes are biased against Americans or American interests.
In fact, this past April, President Trump issued an edict about just such a thing….
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