New Pact By RFMO’s On Non-IUU Certificate For All Imported Tuna

Member states of fisheries management organizations forged a new agreement to require businesses to submit a certificate when shipping all tuna types to consumer countries, the Japanese Ministry of Fisheries said Monday.

The requirement -which is considered an effective measure for curbing poaching and overfishing- had been limited to bluefin and southern bluefin tuna. But the new agreement, reached at a meeting in Barcelona, Spain, of relevant regional fisheries management organizations, targets the whole tuna family, including bigeye tuna, yellowfin tuna and longfin tuna.

Japan took the initiative in efforts to expand the measure.

The certificate must indicate the quantity, method and place of catch, as well as movement from the time of catch to shipment, and must be verified by the governments of exporting countries.

Source: Nikkei