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A new poll commissioned by the Walton Family Foundation has found that a majority of Americans want assurances that the seafood they’re eating is sustainable.

The poll, performed by Morning Consult, surveyed 2,210 adults nationally and found that consumers felt the sourcing and supply chain of meats and seafoods is important. According to the survey, 72 percent of consumers support increasing the traceability of seafood, and sustainability was the second-most important factor in purchasing seafood – behind only price.

“The challenges of climate change intersect with building resilient food systems in our world’s oceans,” Walton Family Foundation Environment Program Director Moira Mcdonald said in a release. “At the Walton Family Foundation, we focus on sustainable seafood because we know that when you take care of the fish, you’re necessarily taking care of everything else that matters in the ocean. So, that means being smart about how much we fish, what we fish and where we fish.”