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  • Eurofins Radiation Lab Report

    May 27, 2015
  • How ocean-friendly is your canned tuna?

    May 27, 2015

    Your little can of tuna is faced with some weighty issues. The next time you’re at the supermarket choosing which brand to buy, you might want answers to how and where the fish was caught, if the fishing method destroyed other sea life, and how healthy the ocean tuna stocks are to warrant the magnitude of fishing….

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  • Skipjack tuna sector in midst of ‘perfect storm’

    May 27, 2015

    The skipjack tuna sector is in the midst of one of the toughest times ever, said several veteran sources during the Thaifex-World of Food Asia trade show, in Bangkok, Thailand….

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  • Sustainable Fishing: A No-Nets Approach To Catching Tuna In The Philippines

    May 27, 2015

    In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), those who fish the waters here in the town of Mamburao are using traditional handlines rather than large trawler nets in the deep waters off Mindoro Strait, in a bid to position the area as a Philippine hub of sustainable tuna fishing….

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  • Fishermen’s News Online – Wednesday, May 20, 2015

    May 27, 2015
  • Spanish Cannery Commitment to Sustainability

    May 27, 2015

    Galician cannery Frinsa del Noroeste S.A., headquartered in Ribeira, Province of La Coruña, Spain, is one of Europe’s leading canned fish and seafood companies and the world’s eighth largest buyer of tuna….

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  • Students Demand Aramark Serve Sustainably Caught Tuna

    May 27, 2015

    I remember the first time I saw a sea turtle. It was at an exhibit but it was still the most beautiful creature that I have ever seen….

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  • Clipper Oil News – May 15, 2015

    May 17, 2015
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