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Latest Fishing News
20-26 July 2021

Concerns Mount Over Rising US Seafood Prices
Rising seafood prices due to inflation continue to cause concern among the entire industry, including retail and foodservice buyers.
Frozen seafood prices experienced the biggest gain in the second quarter of this year – up 9.2 percent versus the same quarter in 2019 to USD 6.96 (EUR 5.95) per pound on average in U.S. grocery stores and mass retailers, according to IRI and 210 Analytics. Frozen prices also grew 3.2 percent in the quarter versus 2020. Continue reading here (Source: SeafoodSource).
StarKist Samoa Interviewing Guest Workers in Apia
Among those traveling on one of the four flights to Samoa today are three staffers of StarKist Samoa who will be conducting interviews for guest workers for the cannery.
It’s been more than two months since the governor approved the hiring of 200 guest workers from Samoa to address a labor shortage at the cannery.
Continue reading here(Source: Talanei).
Spanish Seal Certifies Sustainable Tuna
Canning companies Bolton Food, Salica and Atunlo are now supplying consumers in the US and Italy with produce certified to the tuna from responsible fishing (APR) standard promoted by OPAGAC. Alongside the canning companies, Spanish firm, La Piara, is soon to begin using only tuna from responsible fishing in those of its fish pâtés which contain tuna.
Continue reading here (Source: World Fishing & Aquaculture).
Fujian Province Offers New Subsidies to its Largest Distant-Water Fishing Fleet
Even as the Chinese government negotiates at the World Trade Organization for the phasing-out of harmful fishery subsidies at home, Fujian Province has announced a spate of new subsidies for its large distant-water fishing fleet.Continue reading here (Source: SeafoodSource)
Indonesia to Send More Tuna Vessels Out Into International Waters
Indonesia is expanding its longline fishing fleet in the high seas as part of its plan for a world-leading sustainable tuna fishery by 2025.
Continue reading here (Source: Mongabay).
The Pentagon Wants Programmers’ Help to Catch IUU Fishing Activity
The Pentagon is partnering with the NGO Global Fishing Watch to draw new talent and fresh ideas to the problem of tracking illegal fishing activity from space.
The “xView3” AI contest is co-sponsored by the Defense Innovation Unit, and it comes with a prize of $150,000. It is intended to attract software developers who want to tackle the challenge of detecting “dark” IUU fishing vessels, which don’t publicly broadcast their location or appear in public monitoring systems. Continue reading here (Source: The Maritime Executive).
Commercial Tuna Season off to Standard Slow Start in the Pacific Northwest
Commercial albacore tuna season swam into action last week with the first official landings hitting local docks.Continue reading here (Source: Chinook Observer).
Noro Port: First E-Port in the Pacific Introduces Digital Catch Documents and Tracing in Solomon Islands
The Noro Port in the Western province of Solomon Islands has become the first e-port in the Pacific region, after launching a digitally integrated catch documentation and traceability scheme on 24 June. Continue reading here (Source: PNGeHOw).