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Dialogue Begins to Get Kiribati Back Into Pacific Islands Forum

The Pacific Islands Forum has started a diplomatic dialogue with Kiribati, in the hope of persuading it to return to the fold.

Kiribati withdrew from the Forum in July citing concerns over the regional body’s leadership, as well as the Suva Agreement which was signed in June.

Guam’s Pacific Islands Times quotes Fiji Prime Minister and Forum chair, Frank Bainimarama, as saying it is increasingly clear they are stronger when they are united as one region in confronting a dynamic, challenging and fluid strategic environment.

Continue reading here (Source: Radio New Zealand).

First Hawaiian Fishery Achieves MSC Certification

The Hawaii Longline Association’s (HLA) swordfish, bigeye, and yellowfin tuna fishery, has achieved Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, making it the first fishery in the U.S. state of Hawaii to achieve MSC certification.

“HLA is proud to receive the certification as it is recognition of the fleet’s stringent management and monitoring regime. We believe our fleet produces the best-quality and highest level of monitored tuna in the world. We look forward to working with MSC, WPRFMC, NMFS and others on the continued and long-term production of sustainably and responsibly harvested fish landed by our fleet,” HLA Executive Director Eric Kingma said. Continue reading here(Source: SeafoodSource).

StarKist Samoa Looks to Stabilize Labor Supply From Samoa

The Starkist Samoa Plant Director, Mr Injoo Ha and Management visited Samoa earlier in the week to establish partnerships with the Government of Samoa for the recruitment of about 1000 workers.

The intention is to utilize the established labor sending units under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour and the newly established District Councils for recruitment mandated by the Samoa Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development. Continue reading here (Source: Talanei).

Taiwan Tuna Association Calls for Better Government to Reverse Declining Stocks

Climate change is reducing fishery stocks internationally, but the situation is reversible with better governance, according to a spokesman for the Taiwanese tuna-fishing industry.

“The catch is decreasing [globally], a phenomenon that can be seen continuously in recent years, including Taiwan. There are many reasons, but I think the climate change factor is starting to become apparent.” Taiwan Tuna Association Manager Tony Lin told SeafoodSource. “However, in some areas, due to the impact of COVID-19, the number of operating vessels has decreased, and the catch has shown an increasing trend, so I think that as long as the fish stocks have time to rest, the resources will recover.”

Continue reading here (Source: SeafoodSource).

China Fisheries & Seafood Expo Postponed Following New COVID Restrictions in Qingdao

COVID restrictions may be easing around the world, but not in China. Peter Redmayne, president of Sea Fare Expositions, Inc., the overseas organizer of China Fisheries & Seafood Expo (CFSE), announced this week that the event will be postponed by two weeks due to COVID-19. 

The 26th China Fisheries & Seafood Expo was initially scheduled to take place October 26 through October 28. However, Qingdao City officially recently enacted a prohibition on mass gatherings, including trade shows. Continue reading here (Source: China Fisheries & Seafood Expo).

Tonga-Based Pacific Sunrise Fishing Bouncing Back From COVID, Tsunami Setbacks

Tonga-based Pacific Sunrise Fishing had been on a steady upward trajectory since its humble beginnings until the nearby Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted in January 2022, resulting in a tsunami that caused half of its six longliner boats to end up on the rocks.

Founded in 1998 by husband-and-wife team Eddie and Rosemarie Palu, Pacific Sunrise Fishing started with just one small boat and what Rosemarie calls “a scale on a nail” in a small outdoor space. From there, Eddie would bring in a catch each day that they would sell mostly to the local market.

Fast-forward nearly two decades and the opportunity arose for the company to expand. Continue reading here (Source: SeafoodSource).