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Latest Fishing News
27 July-2 August 2021

MSC Warns WCPO Tuna Fisheries of Potential Certification Suspension

The Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) is warning that its certification of 22 tuna fisheries in the Western Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) could be suspended if regional fisheries management organizations fail to act on measures to keep the fisheries harvested at sustainable levels. Continue reading here  (Source: SeafoodSource).

Tuna: Retailers Call for Action as Key Fisheries Risk Suspension from MSC Certification

Retailers and seafood companies have called for urgent action after the MSC warned 22 fisheries representing 73% of the world’s MSC-certified tuna could be stripped of their certification. Continue reading here (Source: The Grocer).

Concerns Emerge that IOTC Yellowfin Tuna Agreement Could Flop

Uncertainty hangs over a June 2021 agreement by the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) to limit the total Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna catch to 401,000 metric tons (MT) after six members of the commission announced intentions to object to the resolution. Continue reading here (Source: SeafoodSource). 

Fisheries: EU and Cook Islands Agree to Continue their Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

The European Union and the Cook Islands have agreed to continue their successful fisheries partnership as part of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement, for a duration of three years. Continue reading here (Source: EU Reporter).

Catch Quota for Pacific Bluefin Tuna May Be Raised
Delegates to an international conference on the management of bluefin tuna stocks in the Pacific Ocean have agreed to raise the catch quota for large fish in its western and central waters.
Continue reading here(Source: NHK World-Japan).
Climate Change Migration of Tuna Threatening Pacific Economies
Tuna dependent Pacific economies are being threatened by climate change induced ocean warming which is pushing tuna populations eastwards and out of their waters.
Continue reading here (Source: Radio New Zealand).
US Frozen, Fresh Seafood Sales Hold Gains Through First Half of 2021
U.S. retailers continued to experience strong sales of fresh and frozen seafood in the first half of 2021, 210 Analytics Principal Anne-Marie Roerink said she expects continued strong growth through the rest of the year.
Continue reading here (Source: Chinook Observer).