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Gary and Debra Motsinger along with Zack Motsinger all started together and have been the bones in the bunch.
The Two Captains came to us in 2019 after we sold the Debra Ann and our peeps Zack Motsinger, wife Roslynd and crew our deck boss (BHE) best humans ever….Tyler Bogart, Fabian Niemi core crew and our newest additions Tim Wilt and Tre Swinger joined the team this last year proving to be in for the long haul and display hard work and great personalities.

The Kilchis has been going strong since 2010 in our fishing lives.
Almost the entire time AJ Graham has been with our company and running the boat.
He has found one of the BHE(best human ever)and his is our deck boss on KILCHIS.
This last year they found Ian Shaw and Alex Blake. Both of these guys work hard and are a pleasure to have on the team!