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Peter Pan, Silver Bay Working on Possible Processing Partnership

A top official with Peter Pan Seafood says his company is working with competitor Silver Bay Seafoods on possible joint venture processing opportunities in Valdez, Alaska.


Biden Salutes Defense of Bristol Bay Salmon Fishery

President Joe Biden celebrated his administration’s defense of the Bristol Bay watershed and other environmental achievements during a mid-May gathering at the White House’s Rose Garden with Alaska guests including tribal leaders and conservationists.


Researchers Discover New Information Regarding Atmospheric Dust Nourishing Oceans

Research led by Oregon State University (OSU) scientists has identified new information on the role that dust plays in nourishing global ocean ecosystems while helping regulate atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.


2023 Copper River Salmon Fishery Harvest Begins

An above average run of salmon was forecast for the 2023 Copper River commercial salmon opener, which began on May 15, with processors planning to move much of the first catch via Alaska Airlines to the annual ceremonial welcome mat at SeaTac Airport in Seattle.


Alaska Files Criminal Charges for Illegal Trawling Near Kodiak

On May 12, criminal misdemeanor charges were filed by the state of Alaska against a vessel operator for allegedly operating non-pelagic trawl gear within the Kodiak, Alaska groundfish registration area.