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Bycatch Reduction Week

Bycatch—the catch of non-target species—is a complex, global issue that threatens the sustainability of our fishing communities, economies, and ocean ecosystems. Learn how we work to develop, test, and adopt gears that reduce bycatch in U.S. fisheries.

Podcast: Reducing Bycatch Through Innovation

This week on Dive in with NOAA Fisheries, we discuss bycatch reduction efforts through the lens of innovation rather than just more regulations. Preventing bycatch entirely may be impossible, but it can be managed, accounted for, and at least mitigated through innovative approaches.

Reducing Bycatch Through Decades of Research and Innovation

NOAA researchers are recognized internationally for their expertise in reducing sea turtle bycatch using real-time turtle excluder device testing.


Love Seafood? Enjoy a Taste of National Marine Sanctuaries

National marine sanctuaries are special places set aside to protect and preserve areas of the ocean and Great Lakes with great natural and cultural significance. Our friends at National Marine Sanctuaries gathered some iconic dishes found across the sanctuary system.

$8.4 Million in Community Project Funding Will Support Habitat Conservation Efforts

Funding will support NOAA partners in implementing seven habitat projects in coastal communities across the country.


Green Crab Detected in Alaska for the First Time

NOAA Fisheries and partners confirm the presence of invasive green crabs on Annette Islands Reserve.

Building the Next Generation of U.S. Commercial Fishermen

New NOAA Fisheries research identifies the challenges young fishermen face and recommends equipping them for success using tools that have helped beginning farmers.

West Coast

Roadway Runoff Known to Kill Coho Salmon Also Affects Steelhead, Chinook Salmon

Stormwater runoff containing a toxic compound from automobile tires that washes into streams is lethal to protected coho salmon, Pacific steelhead, and Chinook salmon. Simple filtration columns along roads can remove toxic substances and save fish.

Pacific Islands

Photo Gallery: NOAA and Partners Successfully Relocate Monk Seal Pup to Remote Beach

NOAA Fisheries, together with support from our partners, successfully relocated male Hawaiian monk seal pup RQ58 (Koalani) to a remote Oʻahu shoreline on August 19.


Sharks, Snapper, and Science—Kicking off the 27th Year of the Southeast Bottom Longline Survey

Bon voyage to the NOAA Ship Oregon II, its scientists, and crew, beginning another year of the bottom longline survey. The 3-month survey will collect data on several species and their habitat. This is the first post of the 27th Year of the Southeast Bottom Longline Survey series.

New England/Mid-Atlantic

Science Blog: At Sea with EarthRanger

In the newest post from the Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion series, biologist Christin Khan sees great promise in the EarthRanger platform for making on-demand gear affordable and effective for the benefit of whales and fishermen.