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NOAA Celebrates Seal Week 2022

Seal Week 2022

Join us for a week-long celebration of seals and other pinnipeds and get the scoop on NOAA’s seal conservation efforts.

Celebrating Pinniped Science and Conservation

During Seal Week, NOAA Fisheries highlights seals and sea lions through science, conservation, and management.

Conserving Hawaiian Monk Seals Through Protections and Vaccinations

We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Marine Mammal Protection Act by highlighting conservation and research efforts to protect Hawaiian monk seals.

Toxic Algal Bloom Spreads Along California Coast, Poisoning Sea Lions

Stranding teams ask the public to report sea lions in distress and stay clear.

Science Blog: Monk Seal Behavior Spotlight–Male Dominance Displays

Male Hawaiian monk seals sometimes “cruise” beaches and get into scuffles with one another—and it all has to do with mating.


NOAA Fisheries Extends Comment Deadline on Draft Equity and Environmental Justice Strategy

This spring, NOAA Fisheries released its draft Equity and Environmental Justice Strategy. The purpose of this strategy is to guide us as we focus on serving all communities more equitably and effectively. The comment period has been extended 30 days to Friday, September 30.

NOAA Enforcement Finds Seafood Importers Guilty of Illegal Smuggling

On July 15, a federal judge found four seafood importers guilty in a conspiracy to illegally smuggle prohibited catfish into the United States. This case is part of an effort to reduce illegal fishing.

Nominations for Advisory Committee and Species Working Group Technical Advisor Appointments to the U.S. Section to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas

We are soliciting nominations (which may include self-nominations) to the Advisory Committee to the U.S. Section to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas . NOAA Fisheries is also soliciting nominations for Technical Advisors to the Advisory Committee’s species working groups. Nominations are due by September 30.


Learning About Elusive, Mysterious Alaska Sharks Through Partnerships and Electronic Monitoring Technology

Fishermen are collecting key biological data from incidentally caught sharks in cooperative NOAA Fisheries research.

West Coast

Science Blog: Oregon Sea Grant Summer Scholar Wrap Up

Notes from our 2022 Oregon Sea Grant Scholar, Alex Wang. This post is part of the blog series The Newportal.

Pacific Islands

Guam Eyes Food-Secure Future with Giant Clam Aquaculture

A NOAA-funded project is creating community-run aquaculture for giant clams, providing food and jobs and supporting cultural practices.


Meet Jeff Gearhart, Gear and Vessel Support Branch Chief

As part of the Faces of the Southeast Fisheries Science Center series, meet Jeff Gearhart.

New England/Mid-Atlantic

Streams Rich in Baseflow Are Important for Atlantic Salmon

Study helps to identify important stream reaches for Atlantic salmon habitat.