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I am frustrated that Consumer Reports and other companies will not distinguish us and other small producers who offer a premium troll caught canned tuna. Yes it costs more money and no it is not in every store in the US. Since our tuna is canned in the USA, it is going to cost more money to be produced and is produced under more strict processing standards.

Not all albacore in the can is the same either. We offer you young and fatty, low mercury, high omega 3, sustainably caught albacore tuna.

Our very professional crew is paid well. This of course adds to our cost of production.

Albacore tuna migrate out of our fishing zone into tropical water at age 3-5 approximately. This fact largely explains how it is that we are catching ONLY the young albacore (under 5 years old.)

This is one of the most sustainable fishing methods in the world, virtually no other species are caught using this method. If you purchase less expensive tuna from big producers, generally you are purchasing longline caught tuna. Longline fishing catches the older larger albacore (and significant other species) in tropical water. These albacore have been collecting mercury throughout their 15-20 year life and have built up mercury in their system.