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How heavy is an iced-up Bering Sea crab pot? Coast Guard has some answers
After the Bering Sea crabber Scandies Rose sank tragically on New Year’s Eve in 2019, a Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation concluded that an unintentionally overstacked deck loaded with ice-laden pots was a contributing factor in the loss of the 130-foot boat that was operated by a veteran captain and experienced crew.

Complete your fishing rainwear with fishing wellies
Although fishing is an ancient profession, as a fisherman you need modern and high-quality equipment that makes your hard job at sea (or in aquaculture) that much easier. Here we’re not just talking about the boat and your tools, but also about your clothes. And even more specifically: rainwear for fishing.

Who We Are: Andrew and Jason Joyce
When Andrew Joyce came home to Swans Island, Maine, for a visit in 2020, his father, an 8th-generation fisherman, told him what Maine’s fishing industry was up against, particularly whale rules for lobstermen and wind farms taking bottom from all fisheries.


Florida sportfishing captain describes fatal right whale strike
A 54-foot sportfishing yacht headed home into St. Augustine, Fla., struck and killed an endangered juvenile right whale in February 2021 – and barely made it back to the inlet with eight passengers before sinking, a $1.2 million loss.

Sea-level report predicts 10-fold increase in coastal floods
The next 30 years will bring as much sea level rise to U.S. coastlines as in the past 100 years, by 2050 causing moderate tidal flooding on average more than 10 times as frequently as today, according to a new report compiled by federal agencies.

In a Feb. 15 press conference announcing the findings, NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad said an average 1-foot rise by 2050 is basically baked into the future, given ongoing climate trends.

Ten dead, 11 missing after Spanish trawler sinks off Canada
A Spanish fishing boat sank in rough seas off Canada’s east coast in the early hours of Tuesday, Feb. 15 taking the lives of at least 10, with another 11 missing. A search is ongoing for the remaining missing fishermen.