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Close Quarters: Ocean zoning pushes fisheries to the brink

The “space” for fisheries is shrinking. Commercial fishing won’t be the largest economic player as development of our oceans continues, but it is historically an important part of the economic and social structure of coastal communities. Read more

West Coast

Flashback to 1971: The Supersuit makes a splash

When hot air balloon captain Jack O’Neill took up skindiving in the early 1950s, he soon found himself less than satisfied with the options for wetsuits and drysuits. One day, on a balloon flight over Monterey Bay, he wondered about his chances of survival if he went down over the water. Read more



Boat of the Month: Gotta Luv It

Ben Zdan fishes 6,000 stone crab traps and 2,500 lobster traps from summer through spring in waters deep and shallow from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico west to the remote Dry Tortugas, enabled by a tunnel hull that drafts only three feet.
Read more