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NOAA Fisheries Invites Public Comment on Draft Climate Regional Action Plans

NOAA Fisheries is soliciting input on our draft Climate Regional Action Plans to address climate science needs in each region over the next 3 years.

Adapting to the Future: Two NOAA Scientists Discuss New Global Report on Climate Change

NOAA Fisheries podcaster John Sheehan talks with Dr. Kirstin Holsman and Dr. Libby Jewett, two of the authors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

Scientists Confirm Link Between Red Tides and Low Oxygen Areas

Scientists have been studying red tides, or harmful algal blooms, on the west coast of Florida. They have now been able to connect these events with low- or no-oxygen conditions (hypoxia).


Ocean Guardian School Helps Clean Up the Juneau Area

Students from one of NOAA’s Ocean Guardian Schools in Juneau recently rolled up their sleeves in observance of Earth Day. Children in grades 7 and 8 at Montessori Borealis completed a Youth Patrol with a local organization, Litter Free, Inc. They picked up trash on Douglas Island across from downtown Juneau.

Pacific Islands

5-Year Review Finds Endangered Main Hawaiian Islands Insular False Killer Whales Still Face High Risk of Extinction

NOAA Fisheries completed an Endangered Species Act 5-year review of the status of the main Hawaiian Islands insular false killer whale distinct population segment. We have concluded that this population continues to face a high risk of extinction and should remain listed as endangered. Learn more about our efforts to conserve and recover these whales.


New Study Reveals More About Where Giant Manta Rays Go and Why

When you see a big, dark shadow with wings glide by you in the water, your first reaction might be one of fear due to the enormous size. But then you realize the world’s largest ray is harmless and just looking for its next meal: tiny zooplankton.

Texas Dolphin Harassed to Death

NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement is asking the public for any information about a sick dolphin that stranded on Quintana Beach, Texas. The bottlenose dolphin stranded alive on Sunday, April 10. After the stranding, multiple people interacted with the animal. A necropsy indicated that the dolphin died from drowning.

New England/Mid-Atlantic

Chesapeake Bay Partners Have Restored 1,220 Acres of Oyster Reef

Partners working to restore oyster reefs in the Chesapeake Bay made a lot of progress in 2021. Federal and state agencies, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations are partnering in the Chesapeake Bay Program to restore oysters to 10 tributaries in the Bay by 2025. Their large-scale restoration efforts have yielded nearly 925 football fields’ worth of healthy habitat so far.