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FV Steelfin

The beautiful F/V Steel Fin with Jesse Coon up top and Charity on the deck ready for tie up.

Two Captains and their 1st offload of the season

F/V Kilchis ran by AJ. Great haul AJ!

Some of the most helpful, amazing organized and caring man who has such a great future with amazing wife and son and Daughter; Jeremy Coon and Kitty Coon. It takes a very special woman to support her husband with one of the most difficult roles around.

Debra and Gary Motsinger: “We are so proud of our son Zack Motsinger and Daughter in law Roslynd”

Gary and Debra courtesy of Fin Coon the 3-year-old photographer

Photo credit: Scott Redd. Outbound the other day to run some crab gear.