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The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded USD 118.8 million (EUR 105 million) in seafood contracts to U.S. processors.

Announced 13 July, the results show many of the largest U.S. seafood processors landed major contracts to supply the USDA with Atlantic pollock fillets, haddock fillets, rockfish fillets, Pacific shrimp, Pacific whiting fillets, wild salmon fillets, and canned salmon.

The solicitation, which closed 29 June, sought bids on 11,700 cases of frozen pollock fillets, 900 cases of frozen haddock fillets, 3.7 million pounds of frozen salmon fillets, 53,100 cases of frozen Pacific rockfish fillets, 238,500 cases of frozen salad shrimp products, 50,400 cases of frozen Pacific whiting fillets, and 753,200 cases of canned red salmon. Deliveries will take place between August and the end of January 2024.

The biggest winner was …