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Opening up a can of tuna is the easy lunch or dinner solution! Make these 19 recipes with canned tuna, ranging from sandwiches to pastas to casseroles and more.

Canned tuna is a pantry powerhouse. It’s mild, buttery flavor tempts even the “I don’t like seafood” crowd and it’s so very versatile that you’ll never get bored. I always have a can or two sitting on the shelf. It makes for a quick and easy lunch, snack, or simple family dinner.

If you’re new to canned tuna, here are a few details to note when buying. Albacore and skipjack tuna are the most common types of tuna used for canning. Light tuna is usually skipjack and has a fuller flavor than albacore, which is sometimes labeled white tuna. Either is delicious, so try both and see what you like best. Look for cans labeled pole-and-line caught. It’s the most sustainable way to catch tuna, as it preserves the surrounding marine life.

Another variable in canned tuna is what is included in the can. Canned tuna packed in oil is richer in flavor compared to those packed in water. Some canned tuna includes only tuna and salt, which is also a great option.

Read on to discover all the delicious ways to turn a simple can of tuna into a feast for the whole family.