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FishNews – April 26, 2017 – Responsible Wildlife Viewing, Long-term Effects of Oil Spill, Atlantic Salmon Funding, and More


Five Ways to View Wildlife Responsibly

State Agencies and NOAA Caution Boaters

Proposed Rule for Mid-Atlantic Forage Fish – Open for Public Comment

Funding for Atlantic Salmon and Their Ecosystems

Long-term Effects of Oil Spill on Endangered Species

First Quarter Fish Stock Assessment Report Available

West Coast

Salmon Recovery on the Columbia River 

NOAA Recognizes Whale Educator with “Hero” Award 

Greater Atlantic

Proposed Recreational Summer Flounder Measures – Open for Public Comment

China’s Insatiable Appetite for Fish: A Colossal Disaster in the Making

Everything about China is colossal – its land area, coastline, population, insatiable need for natural resources, gross national product, demand for import and export markets, massive bureaucracy, and growing influence in geo-political affairs. Its place in the world is big by any dimension, and in every one it is growing….
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The Best And Worst Cans Of Tuna, Based On Sustainability

We hate to tell you this, but you’re probably picking the wrong can of tuna. Buying a canned tuna isn’t just about deciding between water or oil packed, dark or light meat, expensive or cheap. There’s a lot more that goes into a can.

We’re talking fishing practices, traceability of the fish back to the sea, and knowing if these fishing companies are violating human rights in their labor practices ― this does happen, unfortunately….
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Greenpeace rates San Diego tuna firms

San Diego’s tuna canning companies are both the best and the worst, according to a new report from the environmental advocates at Greenpeace.
The best: Bonita-based American Tuna, which ties for first place among the sustainability rankings of US tuna canners. The boutique firm has grown in recent years to supply the Whole Foods grocery chain, first in San Diego and now nationwide….
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FishNews – April 12, 2017 – Beluga Recovery Heroes, NOAA Citizen Science, Learning from Strandings, and More



NOAA Fisheries Recognizes Beluga Recovery Heroes

Become a NOAA Citizen Scientist

West Coast

Learning from West Coast Marine Mammal Strandings 

Assessing Noise in Southern California Whale Habitat 

West Coast Salmon Dates Recommended for 2017

Council Votes to Close Pacific Sardine Fishery

Pacific Islands

Trawling Through Time in Leeward Oahu 


Final Rule for King Mackerel in Gulf and Atlantic 

Upcoming South Atlantic Council Meetings