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Clipper Oil: Latest Fishing News – Papua New Guinea Ends Discounted Fishing Fees, Shaking up Tuna Industry


Latest Fishing Headlines
Papua New Guinea Ends Discounted Fishing Fees, Shaking up Tuna Industry
Peruvian Industry Association Opposes Changes to Foreign Tuna Landings Obligation
Ecuador and Nicaragua Strengthen Commercial Ties
Tuna Tracking Technology Trialled in Fiji
Tuna Goes for $323,000 at Tokyo Fish Market’s Final New Year Auction
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The US Canned Tuna Market: An Oligopoly?

The US price fixing scandal has shown how the canned tuna market in the country is an “oligopoly”, with the Big 3 brands dominating the concentrated market, according to a lawyer deeply involved with the case. Christopher Lebsock, a Partner at Hausfeld LLP represents Olean Wholesale Grocery Co-op, Inc., the first plaintiff to file a civil lawsuit against StarKist, Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea, accusing of conspiracy to fix prices of canned tuna artificially high in the US market….
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The National Ocean Policy Coalition

Chairman Sullivan and majority witnesses highlighted the negative impacts and risks involved with the NOP, including the mandatory and regulatory nature of it, increased bureaucracy (highlighted in part through a visual poster chart on display in the hearing room), broad scope in terms of impacted industries and geographic areas (including inland areas), increased uncertainty, new regulatory burdens and overlays (including Regional Planning Body efforts to identify special areas), and conflicts with existing statutes….
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MSC Called to Parliament to Answer Questions About its PNA Tuna Recertification


The MSC was called to a parliamentary meeting with the UK Fisheries minister and nine Members of Parliament who are supporting the UK ‘On the Hook’ Campaign which has opened up a significant challenge to the MSC’s certification of sustainable tuna. The On the Hook Group was started by celebrity British Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who led the hugely popular ‘fish fight’ campaign….
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