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FishNews – September 6, 2017



NOAA’s Hurricane Forecast, Preparation, Response
NOAA, with the nation, has been focused on responding to Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana and preparing for Hurricane Irma.

Fishermen and Scientists Collaborate at Sea
Thousands of Citizens Help Count Steller Sea Lions
Final Amendment on Essential Fish Habitat for Atlantic Highly Migratory Species
Seafood Import Monitoring Program Roundtable

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Bizarre, Glowing Sea Creatures Bloom in the Pacific


After three years of unprecedented warm water along the U.S. West Coast, sea temperatures in 2017 had finally cooled. Fat shrimp-like krill had returned and again were providing rich meals for salmon. Sea lions and other marine mammals were no longer washing ashore shriveled and starving. Things appeared to be getting back to normal. Then they showed up….
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